The Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator program for ambulance operators is interactive, comprehensive and true to life.  Drivers will learn to arrive safely, examine traffic patterns while under stress, analyze reaction to sirens and remain current with local/state driving and vehicle regulations.


This seminar will prepare instructors in effective teaching techniques for CEVO 4 - a comprehensive defensive driving program that focuses on improving an operator's ability to read traffic conditions, act accordingly, and prevent collisions in both emergency and non-emergency situations.  Throughout the day's training sessions, attendees will not only complete the course themselves - they will also learn proven education methods and valuable tips for running a successful training program.  Along with the training, each participant will receive a complete CEVO-3-AMBULANCE Instructor Kit.  


Course content:

  • Adverse weather
  • Blind sports and cushion of safety
  • Intersections, passing and lane changes
  • Safe backing and parking
  • Scanning and traffic hazard identification
  • Vehicle handling, design and inspection
  • Active shooter policy review
  • Move Over law review


Instructor Kit includes:

  • Fully-scripted instructor guide
  • Video (DVD) presentation
  • Group discussion diagrams to reinforce key coaching points (slides)
  • Observation checklist

CEVO-4 Ambulance Train the Trainer

  • Instructor Development Course.  Become a CEVO-4 Ambulance Instructor.

  • Refund or reschedule only if emergency.  Call within 24 hours. Materials are purchased for your reservation in advance.